Welton Media goes Fashion Forward

14th March 2018



Totes chooses Welton Media to help embark on film in fashion.

Totes Inappropes is Alison Stankard’s alter ego.  Leaping  into the world of blogging, mostly about the daily grind of parenting, many have grown to love reading her ramblings they resonate with many, we just don’t often vocalise them.  Organically growing more popular over the past six months,  the honest and humorous observations have increased her following daily.  Aswell as her Totes Inappropes facebook page she also heads a fashion page and a running page.  The fashion came about from her love of being thrifty and bagging an excellent bargain, she is a self confessed shopaholic.  Totes’ colourful personality is met with an equally loud and lavish appearance of clothes, shoes, make up and glasses.  When posting outfits which she likes to wear and why, many followers called for her to do some fashion makeovers for those who would love to be equally as fashion forward and step out of their comfort zone.

With the help of ourselves and other professionals from the world of fashion design, hair and makeup, her pilot was born.   The filming was easy as Totes and Rachel bounced off each other and the fashion forward guinee pigs allowed them to work their magic, each of the women were made up into two very different looks, you couldn’t fail but to like at least one of them.

Everybody at Welton Media would like to say what a pleasure it was to film and produce this slice of fashion and we wish Totes all the luck in the world in breaking the fashion industry.


Totes Inappropes:…




Episode 1 of 'Totes Inappropes Fashion Forward Makeover'!

Clothing Details & Where to Buy:

Outfit 1
Fari Cropped Jumpsuit - Selected Femme at John Lewis 
Duster Coat - Rew at 
Fishnets & Shoes - Marks & Spencer 
Bag - TK Maxx 

Outfit 2
Dress - Finery
Pleather Trousers - H & M 
Boots - ASOS 
Necklace - It Was From 

Hair by Lewis Moore - 
Make Up by Sonara Parker - 
Video by Welton Media - 

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