Welton Media commissioned to enhance recruitment drive!

18th July 2018

Using video to enhance your recruitment in 2018!

Why use recruitment videos?

Recruiting can be a tedious task for many companies which can see a lot of businesses spending a disproportionate amount of money for the type of candidate you end up with.  If you plan effectively and use the right avenues of getting your companies needs across to others, you will reap the benefits for a much less financial outlay.  Candidates in 2018 want to see the face of the company, understand the brand and the ethos of the company before spending time writing an application for a company which they may not be suited to. 

In this modern digital world, a written advertisement asking for somebody to take up a post in your company could be deemed as bland.  It doesn’t offer the person the reason why they would choose you or how working with your company could enhance their lives. 

It doesn’t need to be gushing and over the top, but what it does need to show is your company values and the perks given to employees.  

A video is the ideal way to explain the information you need prospective candidates  to understand and therefore your recruitment staff will not be wasting time sifting through 100’s of applicants who don’t meet the requirements of the job.

Having present employees on your video who can explain in a clear manner why they love working for your company, will bring a personal approach to your business and shows transparency of real life stories.

Lastily, don’t miss the opportunity to explain why your company is leaps and bounds above other competitors.  Make somebody excited about applying for the position and want to work for you above all others.

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