Welton Media and GDPR changes

1st February 2018

What is GDPR and how will it affect what we do and our clients?

GDPR is a hot topic for any business owner, in any sector at this present time.  It comes into force on 25th May 2018 and is something which everybody will have to understand in order to take appropriate action.


What is GDPR?

The General Data Protection Regulation (or GDPR) is billed as a regulation which is set to change the data protection and privacy setting significantly.  The GDPR is going to affect every sector, including any business such as our own with video in its marketing, branding and use of the internet and social media platforms.

It is now the time when all businesses should be thinking about what the GDPR means for them, and how the operation of their business should change in order to ensure their compliance.

The GDPR relates to the way in which businesses control and process “personal data”. Personal data can mean many things. Individuals who can be identified in video footage, for example, will benefit from rights relating to that “personal data”. Businesses controlling and processing that data must also only do so on a lawful basis.



This is not a new concept, the processing  of data on the basis of having explicit “consent” from an individual has always been something which should take place. The influence of the GDPR from May will change the manner in which such consent will be obtained in a valid manner.  Businesses such as ours are going to have to ensure that the consent which they have from individuals will be sufficient and adequate to comply with any GDPR requirements.

Business should, however, be aware that “consent” is not the only lawful ground for processing. There are various other ways individual personal data can be controlled and processed without explicit consent of the individual.

There may be confusion around the area of “legitimate interest”. When publishing or processing  a viewer’s data is it in the legitimate interest of the business?  If businesses or organisations who commission us to do work for them can show that they have a legitimate interest, most processing will remain lawful even without having explicit consent from the individual. Within our business, we will have to ensure all organisations who commission us to film, create marketing materials or build websites; receive consent from individuals being shown or used as part of their organisations name or promotion.


GDPR impact on video content

The new regulations will be much tighter and restrictive in ensuring individuals rights and the responsibilities from organisations when publishing content.


GDPR impact on branding and website build


The importance for all is it not panic but also not to bury their head in the sand and do nothing.  It is about being compliant whilst also using common sense. 

For further details on how all of us can ensure we are adhering to the new regulations please go to:

Don’t leave it until the last minute, check your information and ensure your company are ready to carry on creating great work whilst ensuring your clients are aware of their obligations and yours also acting on their behalf.

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