Victim Care Liverpool

21st June 2018


Victim Care  Merseyside and Welton Media Ltd

We are extremely proud to have been commissioned by the Police Commissioner for Merseyside to produce a film highlighting Victim Care services in Merseyside.  The individuals who are using this service have been a victim of crime and need immediate support, support which the police themselves are unable to offer.  It is the role of the Police Commissioner to give funding to outside services in order to ensure all who have been subjected to some sort of crime, are given the necessary help in order to move forward with their lives.  Making films such as this can be very difficult due to the sensitive subject matter but as a team, our personal approach has allowed people being interviewed to show courage and clarity in how the service has benefited their lives to move on and create a life away from the crime committed against them.  They no longer feel a victim.

This week, the #PCC is marking the 3rd anniversary of #VictimCareMerseyside by holding a special event at which she recognised the service’s achievements and explained how £3m of support for #victims of crime will be delivered over the next 3 years.




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