PfCO Drone registered

18th July 2019


Flying Drones Safely


Flying a drone for commercial purposes is not permitted without gaining a PfCO certification from the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority).

For our company to gain such as certificate, a process has to be taken and each part passed in order to progress and legally fly an unmanned aircraft in order to carry out work for our clients using it.


In order to obtain a PfCO, you must first complete Ground School, unless you have a valid aviation qualification.


After Ground School, we then compiled an Operations Manual which details our specific organisation, operating procedures and the technical specifications of the aircraft we use.

Throughout the production of our Operations Manual, this manual along with the help from Heliguy allowed us to produce a quality working document. This manual is to be updated, managed and renewed yearly.


Once the Operations Manual is complete and approved we were  then  required to conduct a practical flight assessment to ensure that we are competent and confident operating our aircraft in a variety of different settings, whilst referring back to our Operations Manual, it wasn't easy, but we are so proud to be offering this service knowing we are doing so safely and with all of the insurance necessary to carry out such filming and photography.


On successful conclusion of the practical flight assessment, we were then eligible to apply for a PfCO from the CAA.


Our unique CAA number is: 9267 and we are extremely proud to have this certification.


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