Pancreatic Cancer breakthrough!

14th February 2017

Pancreatic Cancer Action reports amazing breakthrough in early diagnosis bloodtest!


Pancreatic cancer takes the lives of far too many and Pancreatic Cancer UK want to do all they can to improve the dire survival rates at present.  Research into ways to detect pancreatic cancer early is imperative to truly transform outcomes for pancreatic cancer patients.

With this in mind, Pancreatic Cancer Action were very excited to hear results of a new study published in the journal Nature – Biomedical Engineering, that suggests researchers from Arizona State University  have discovered an effective, quick and inexpensive method for testing the blood for certain biomarkers connected to pancreatic cancer.

We truly hope that this is something which becomes widely  available in order to be able to fight this disease in its early stages, allowing many more survivors being here in the future to tell their stories.

If you or someone you know has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer there are many support services and forums that offer practical advice and information and a place to engage with others in your situation. Contact for more information.

Here is a short video made by Welton Media for Pancreatic Cancer Action, Pancreatic Cancer Facts, please don't ignore, get yourself checked out!



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