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20th September 2017

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Online Video Marketing is now the most common and effective way to get your company and product out into the world to be seen. In five years time, this article will not be written, you will be watching it.

Mary Lister from Wordstream states that; 82% of Twitter users watch video content on Twitter. You Tube has over a billion users now in 2017. 45% of people watch videos for at least an hour or more on Facebook and YouTube each week and 87% of online marketers use video content.

More than 500 million hours of videos are watched on You Tube every single day. With statistics such as these how can anyone contest why we would use video content in marketing. The demographic of people using the internet has changed. Digital natives want more than text. Time spent reading information is lessening, a paragraph of text can be read and reread to make certain information is understood, whereas a video can be watched and facts retained in 45 seconds. Even LinkedIn are now offering video content on their platform allowing us as users to create videos that highlight our professional work: case studies projects that have been finished or are in progress; product demonstrations; and other work-related videos that highlight what you do.

Many companies steer cleer of video mainly due to a lack of understanding of ‘how’ it can work for them and also ‘why’ it will work for them! An accountants for example, why would they put video content onto their website? They could do a quirky ‘graphics led’ 60 second film on how an accountant can save a business money. Great music, fun and the top ten reasons every business needs an accountant. There is no need for awkward business owners talking to camera, no expensive voiceover, it’s easy but hugely effective and will draw more attention than any blurb on a website.

Too many times we hear that video is expensive and that is the main reason businesses are reluctant to use it, but with the right company, you will get more than you paid for. The general recipe for an excellent video is:

-      tell an entertaining story

-      be factual

-      be straight to the point

-      be human

-      be different to your competitors

Mobile phones are the main use of video watching, half of all video content is done so on a mobile. Therefore people are watching at all times of the day, first thing in the morning, last thing at night, on the way to and from work and over lunch, if something grabs somebody’s attention, they’ll watch it.  Capture your audience and sell them something they didn’t even know they needed or wanted.

We can go on and on about why you need video content on your website and on social media but you will only start to realize the true value when you upload your first one, you will see instantly the power of video marketing. 

It’s not rocket science, it’s just the changing of time, take the leap and you will reap the benefits.

These are the five reasons you need to use video marketing:

1)   Video builds trust instantly

2)   Video boosts sales

3)   Google now owns YouTube, they are linked. Google loves video!

4)   Video engages all (it breeds an air of mystery, should I watch it? Go on then, it’s only 45 seconds!)

5)   Video encourages social shares. You get it right, people like your video and your message, the world will see your name


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