OAP’s are no longer internet beginners

11th July 2018

Many businesses, organisations and charities shy away from using the internet for marketing purposes even in this digital age, with the view that ‘older people’ won’t be able to access the information due to not using internet platforms.  Much to the contrary Brightlife Cheshire, Alzheimer's Society and Age UK Cheshire are just some of the organisations who are now using video and social media to advertise their services to this group of people and it’s working.  In 2014, studies showed that OAP’s were becoming much more aware of how to use the internet and its benefits.

British retirees were now being classed as IAP’s (Internet Age Pensioners) thanks to a poll undertaken by McCarthy and Stone using 600 retired individuals.  47% of those surveyed had smart phones and used them regularly to find out information and three quarters owned a laptop.  82% stated they used the internet to research days out and 81% of this age group had booked a holiday online. 

Across the country, there are many older people who feel lonely and isolated, the internet to them can be a lifeline to find out what is available in their area.  Organisations such as Brightlife Cheshire are using real life situations to showcase the amazing work going on in our communities.  They want others to see the impact their service and services which they are funding, is having to those attending in the hope that more will become involved and in turn, more lives will be left feeling much more fulfilled.

The video below was made by ourselves to show the amazing work taking place in Cheshire for those with loved ones living with Alzheimer’s.  We filmed this with care, listened to the brief and helped the individuals filmed feel safe in telling their story.

Don’t write older people off.  If you offer services to this demographic, then market on social media, make real life films and show how your service changes lives.

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