Mason Partners using video in case studies

1st June 2018

Welton Media have been commissioned by Mason Partners to do a series of drone videos highlighting the properties they manage and showing the changes implemented over time.  The amazing transformation of a site through refurbishment and excellent asset management needs to be celebrated.  Case studies can be written about the story of the before and after, images highlighting the changes.  The use of video to portray the size of a site, its surroundings and what exactly it now offers, will sell a product far more than just words.  Placing short videos on social media platforms will show prospective clients and also competitors just why you are top of the game.

Video marketing in 2018 is going to be the very best way of getting your brand out there for the world to see.  It is instant, it is the here and now and it can't lie.  It allows the individual watching to feel like they are there at the actual site.

We love showing examples of how change can be made in order to improve revenue of a facility.  Mason Partners are extremely happy with the first video produced as a series of others.




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